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Our corporate vision is to have satisfied consumers happy to spend more for our products while acknowledging their advantages. To have satisfied farmers collaborating with us and working continuously for the improvement of the olives they produce and enjoying a higher price for their effort. To have a significantly strong Erivolos able to act as the bridge between demanding consumers and proud farmers We cultivate with respect for the environment.whatever we produce is centered on man and nature in full harmony. We manage all our natural products in a traditional way and only in traditional recipes that come to your table fresh and without preservatives.


Operates and is a pioneer in the production of dried fruits, vegetables and edible plants, serving faithfully the patterns of the Mediterranean diet . We are near to the Greek farmer monitoring the seasonal cultivation, knowing eachrelevant relevant variety of our land and collect the appropriate season harvest directly from the farm, in fruits and vegetables.


The Agro industrial Cooperative of Timpaki was founded in 1945 as olive Cooperative. It is situated in the fertile Messara Plain, at Timpaki which is not only the south part of Crete but of Europe itself. Today the main activity of the A.S.Timpaki is to collect the agricultural products, which are produced by its farmer members and to distribute them on the local market as well as aboard. The rapid development rates of the past years along with the gathered experience have earned the Cooperative a significant place in the greens markets of the country. The main volume of its products consists of tomatoes, cucumbers but also melon all kind of peppers, eggplants

Abbot Kinney's NOFF


At Abbot Kinney’s, we use the best ingredients we can find to make plant based, organic products that taste delicious. Only the tastiest, healthiest and most nutritious ingredients make the cut. Similarly, we try to use as few ingredients as possible, never use unnatural additives and go out of our way to responsibly produce everything we make.

Absolute Aromas NPS


In 1994 David Tomlinson founded Absolute Aromas. His vision was for a centre of excellence where therapists and consumers alike could buy with confidence. The keyword for the range would be quality. Now Absolute Aromas is one of the leading forces in aromatherapy within the UK and has a worldwide reputation for quality of product and service.



Advantage Austria Stockholm is part of a network of 110 offices in over 70 countries worldwide that provides a broad range of intelligence and business development services for both Austrian companies and their international business partners. Advantage Austria organises about 1200 events every year to bring business contatcs together and is looking for importers, distributors or agents to provide in-depth information on Austria as a business location.

Adya Bio NOFF


Ready to discover the magic of freeze-dried fruits? Tropical freeze-dried fruits from India, red fruits from eastern Europe and some surprising South-American try-outs. Adya wants to share with you their taste and colours and tell you the story of the cooperatives and social enterprises we work with. Available for retail, food service and processing purposes.

aetheleon NPS


Certified organic family herb farm, specialized in Greek oregano essential oil products. We combine modern technology (e.g. remote sensing) with small-scale, low impact farming practices, under continuous scientific monitoring, to deliver premium, healthy, unique products. We believe that our health depends on our food and the way it is produced. Our pure Greek oregano organic essential oil strengthens the immune system naturally without altering the body's natural balance. Our newly launched olive oil and oregano essential oil seasoning, apart from having a great taste, bears scientifically proven health benefits and was awarded the "Health & Nutrition Award 2018" by World Olive Oil Center. Production of 2018 is available in 700 numbered bottles. All our products are vegan registered.


Since the association AMV was founded in 2000, it has become the largest network in farming and food industry in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern collaborating with more than 120 partners to date. More than 60 farming and food companies and manufacturers with an annual turnover of roughly 1.4 billion euro and more than 5.500 employees cooperate with the sustaining members and collaborate partners to provide valuable support for the activities to advance the food sector. One third of all farming and food industry members are from the organic sector. The association main tasks include joint marketing activities, cooperation, exchange of experience and partnership. It explores business opportunities and helps small and medium sized companies to enter new markets.

Agribio sas La Goccia Pura NOFF


"La Goccia Pura" extra virgin olive oil is the result of five generations of research, passion and devotion from 1909 until today. A working and productive process carefully and daily followed in all its phases. Our greatest satisfaction is to spread, make known and appreciated the top quality Italian extravirgin olive oil, rich of polyphenols and natural antioxidants, according to organic farming.



Agriblea firm is situated in the so-called Val di Noto, only 2 kilometers far away from Ispica, the ancient Hyspicaefundus, on a lightly sloping hill, about 150 meters above the sea level. Cities like Noto, Pachino, Modica and Scicli are about 15 minutes away, as well as the sea (8 kilometers only). The region has been recognized cultural heritage by UNESCO since it is very rich in archaeological, liberty and


Emparos is a village of the Municipality “Viannos” in the prefecture of Heraklion, Crete. It is located at an altitude of 430 meters on the southwest slopes of Mount Dikti. The occupation of the inhabitants of the area is agriculture and in particular olive industry which led the A.C.E (Agricultural Cooperation of Emparos) in 1937 to create an olive oil mill for the pressing of the olives. Over the years, A.C.E has kept up with the growth of technology and has today maintained a modern olive oil production unit. Since 2009-10, the system of joint olive pressing is one decisive step in A.C.E’s effort to preserve the superior quality of the extra virgin olive oil and maintaining its characteristics.


Agricultural Association of Amfissa was founded back in 1935 in order to coordinate, support and promote the products of the local olive producers. Today, most of the production is directed to foreign markets. Our vision is to make our products known to new markets. Our olive grove (1,200,000 trees) is a Cultural Monument of World Heritage by UNESCO and produces for 3,000 years the same real natural product.

Agricultural Trade Promotion Center,Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs,China NPS




AGRO.VI.M. S.A. is one of the largest olive oil producing companies in Greece and one of the country’s leading exporters, with a footprint in more than 50 countries globally. The company’s line of business includes processing, packaging and distributing high quality organic Greek extra virgin olive oils, olives and dry figs. AGRO.VI.M., under the umbrella of ILIADA brand, has an organic line of high quality organic olives and extra virgin olive oils in elegantly designed packaging that stands out on any shelf. Emerald organic line, 100% authentic Greek, gluten - free and cholesterol - free, environmentally neutral, without GMOs, is processed, produced and packaged following the national and international standards of organic farming.

AgroFair Benelux NOFF


Since AgroFair imported the world’s first Fairtrade bananas into Europe in 1996, it has become the market leader in Fairtrade tropical fruit. Right from the Producer, means that when you deal with AgroFair, you are dealing directly with a large numbers of producers of tropical fruits in Latin America. Our range of products travels from bananas, Fairtrade certified, organic certified as well as conventional, viapineapples to processed products and purees.



Agroindustrias San Pedro from Tacna Peru, is dedicated to the processing and export of natural and organic herbs and spices, dried mushroom and dehydrated fruits. San Pedro exports premium gourmet products to different European customers, complying with strict food quality and safety policies. The company is committed to a positive environmental and socio-economic impact of its activities and works closely with agricultural communities throughout Peru.

Alex&Phil AB NOFF


Alex&Phil delivers premium organic baby food that tastes homemade although carefully made of naturally pure ingredients combined to suit babies’ nutritional needs. We call our food honest as we only work with natural ingredients and never use additives nor sweetening juice concentrates. Alex&Phil provides smoothies, porridges and lunch- & dinner meals, all milk- and glutenfree. Simply Superfood for Superkids!



Algosur is an agribusiness group specialising in research, production, processing and marketing of a number of extensive crops, including quinoa,amaranth,popcorn, waxy maize, cotton. Also, Algosur through its subsidiary Tala Foods provides to the food industry a wide variety of citrus, vegetables derivatives, fruits and citrus with a strong focus on food safety and quality. The cornerstones of Algosur’s success are traceability assurances for customers, continued investment in innovation and research to improve existing crops and adapt new ones to local conditions, and unwavering commitment to the farming area. In line with corporate principles and values, Algosur has Quality, Environment and Safety and Health policies in place in all its subsidiaries.

All Natural Foods NOFF


We are All Natural Foods, company specialized for additive-free processing of organic fruit and vegetables and production of cellular water. Our mission is to preserve initial structure of fresh plant , its nutritional and organoleptic quality. We are focus into: Careful raw material selection from organic fruit farms adhered to Global GAP criteria and Leading new technology development in drying procedure.

AllergyCertified NPS


AllergyCertified is the international allergy label that guide consumers to your skin-friendly products. We make it easy for everyone who wants to live a skin-friendly life to find the right products in supermarkets, pharmacies, drugstores or on-line. AllergyCertified is on products in more than 100 countries.

Almdudler NOFF


Love was the elusive ingredient which led Erwin Klein to the perfect recipe: a blend of 32 natural alpine herbs. That’s the story behind Almdudler with the first bottle produced on 17th October 1957 as a wedding present to his wife. 60 years later Almdudler now lauchnes ALMDUDLER ORGANIC Lemon and Ginger.

Aloha NOFF


Csinta is a raw, dried fruit snack made of organic fresh fruits dried slowly at low temperature, This way all the vitamins and nutrients and aromas of the fruits are kept. Its organic, raw, vegan, gluten free and contains no added sugar or any other additives. It`s a snack, a dessert, and a versatile ingredient of creative gourmet dishes.



AMAIZIN Global organic products from local origin. Snacks and ingredients for exotic cuisine. Corn chips, Corn rolls with salsas. Tortilla wraps with extra fibre. Beans and lentils.Curries, coconut milk, pineapple, gluten free soy noodles, brown basmati quick cook. NEW: organic TACOS, taco and fajita seasoning, taco sauces mild and hot, jalapenos. NEW: Rice paper.


Amazing Grass offers a variety of superfood products that are raw, kosher, vegan and gluten free. Amazing Grass is certified organic and uses no herbicides or pesticides to grow their crops. Their belief of putting back more into the soil than we take out ensures the most nutrient-rich cereal grasses you can get. All products are USDA certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten free and kosher. Containing a plethora of vitamins, minerals, plant based protein and phytochemicals, leafy greens assist the body in maintaining healthy organ function, detoxification and immunity. This year sees new look packaging for the brand.



Our organic and biodynamic farm is specialized in vegetables productions, controlled by ICEA, Global Gap,Demeter and Bio Suisse. Its surface is about 160 ha, of whom 40 ha in greenhouses, divided into 2 main productive branches: • the first one is situated in Capua and is the central building of our firm; • the second one is situated in Vitulazio and his aim is to package vegetables and cereals.



AMOOR OÜ manufacturer of AMPSTÜKK organic energy bars. No added sugar, gluten free, high fiber, raw, vegan bars are produced in Estonian small family company. We offer great value to our customers since 2013. There are 10 different and good taste of raw bars. An excellent source of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin E. A nutritious bite that is a perfect fit to carry in pocket and have as snack.


Our organic farm produces ultra-premium, organic extra virgin olive oil, from olive trees of the Greek variety MANAKI. It is situated in Central Greece, just above Thermopylae, at the slopes of Kallidromo mountain at an altitude of 450 meters. Our brand “SACRUM DONUM” is of limited production, from green olives collected by hand, from our unirrigated and unsprayed olive grove. It is “cold” extracted, unfiltered, bottled by physical flow in numbered bottles. Intensively aromatic, sweet, tenderly spicy but not bitter, can perfectly accompany seafood and fish. Suitable for raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, paleo diets. In 2018, was awarded the following: 1) GOLD MEDAL at “KOTINOS” IOOC 2) BRONZE MEDAL at “ATHENA” IOOC 3) BRONZE MEDAL at “LONDON” IOOC.

Antica Cucina BIO srl NOFF




Antipodes is the natural beauty brand of the moment, and is where science meets organic skincare. Many of the products are scientifically validated for efficacy, and the formulas are created combining cutting-edge revolutionary ingredients native to New Zealand such as Vinanza Grape Extract and Vinanza Kiwi, and the finest natural ingredients including Totara, Manuka Honey and Avocado Oil. Loved by the public, press and celebrities alike, the latest Antipodes aficionado to pronounce their love of the brand is supermodel of the day Cara Dellevingne. New for 2017, Natural Lipsticks, so healthy you could almost eat them.






Family company established since 1890, Apidis is the first French honey producer. We drive our 4500 beehives all around France, Spain and Italy to be able to offer more than 30 different raw, unpasteurized and 100% pure and natural honeys. Our flexibility and our know how have made of us a key player of the honey world.


Aqua Oleum is an award-winning UK based essential oil and aromatherapy company. Owned and Directed by industry expert and renowned author 'Julia Lawless', Aqua Oleum was founded by Julia's mother, a Finish biochemist who dedicated her life to the study of essential oils. The company now has a heritage spanning over three generations, based on expert family knowledge of aromatherapy. Aqua Oleum have built their excellent market reputation on providing outstanding product expertise, with a real commitment to providing top quality oils at a fair price. In an industry prone to heavy market adulteration, Aqua Oleum supply only 100% pure and natural products - free from any alcohol, synthetic subsitutes, parabens or sulphates. Everything is Vegan friendly.



We produce Jams,Fruit Spreads,Fruit Drinks,Purées,Tomatoes Sauces


Asian Food Supply is more than just a Danish import company with its roots in Asia. We are also a sounding board and collaborator for a series of leading European purchasing and shop chains within the private label food market. We purchase directly from the producers and only deal with serious companies we know intimately. Moreover, we have branches and staff in several Asian countries and regularly audit our collaborators. We have our own warehouse allowing us to supply exiting combination of ecological, healthy and tasty products just-in-time.

Asiros Nordic A/S NOFF


Asiros Nordic processes berries, fruit and elderflower to produce: Concentrate Purée NFC fruit juice Elderflower extract We stock standard products and can produce customised products and blends on request. We supply both organic and conventional products.


ASKADA farm was established with love and respect to the special variety of figs that grow in this particular place in Greece, Kymi, Evia island. Over the past few years we have been operating a fig farm which is dedicated in organic cultivation and committed to offering you the unique taste of these precious figs. We follow the traditional dehydrating method, used in Kymi for centuries. We handle each fig with such care, both in production and during development, that we feel proud for what we produce. Our premium organic figs are the main ingredients for all our handmade artisan products, that combine both inspiration and culinary culture with a healthy aspect.



Our company is a family busines which is involved with organic agriculture since 2005. Since 2011 we have our own laboratory of processing and standardization of olives and olive oil. The organic farming and Packaging facilities of the Anestskos family ar locatedin Atalanti fthiotidas (Central Greece) and are certified by the control organization TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS (GE 15-BIO) * Our standardized products have low salt content as a basic characteristic * We don't use Thermal processing for our olives, so our products retain all their sensory ingredients and the beneficial substances * The olives natural fermentation lasts 4 to 9 months * The organic Extra virgin olive oil that we use is produced in a cold environment of 21oC



AU FIL DES SAVEURS, creator of taste, offers artisanal, organic, original, innovative, tasty and gourmet, sweet and salty products, with natural, authentic and surprising flavors to awaken your taste buds. It is the authenticity, the desire to offer quality products, which guides us in the manufacture of our products. All our recipes are created, imagined, invented, tested, with the greatest care, in our laboratory in the south west of France

Aussie Bronze NPS



Avalon Organics offers exceptionally pure and effective hair, body and skincare products, made with organic ingredients wherever possible and always GMO-free. All Avalon Organics products are certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients or the USDA National Organic Program standard. Committed to consciousness in cosmetics, all products are made with organic essential oils, never tested on animals and do not contain harsh or irritating chemicals that could be absorbed by the body, such as parabens, harsh preservatives, synthetic colours or fragrance, phthalates or harmful sulphates.

Ayurveda Pura London NPS


Based in London,we provide Ayurvedic Natural and Organic Teas, Food Products, Skincare and Ayurvedic training worldwide to the highest Western standards of purity and quality, whilst staying true to the principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda Pura is founded on Ayurveda the ancient holistic health system of India, which provides for excellent health, both physical and mental, by creating harmony between a person's body and nature.



Our company is growing and processing hemp for the past 20 years and has lately started processing the hemp seeds for foods. We only process European origin seeds, both organic certified and conventional. Our main products are shelled hemp seeds which we process in an innovative way, light yellow hemp seed oil and white hemp protein powder with 50% and 70% protein content.



BÄRTA is a sprouted and fermented pea - organic, vegan, Swedish, gluten free and delicious!

Bayas del Sur S.A NOFF


Bayas Del Sur is dedicated to the production and sales of juice concentrates, purees, freeze-dried and spray-dry products from berries and fruits, mainly berries from the category super fruit (MAQUI BERRY). Bayas del Sur have capacity to process 42 tons/day of the different fruit and berries. The sales are focused on the international markets (North America, Asia, Oceania and Europe) where it has achieved sales in over 33 countries.

Bayernwald KG NOFF


Bayernwald processes more than 40 different fruits into semi-finished products (e.g. fruit juice, fruit juice concentrate, fruit puree) for the further processing industries as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (like fruit mulled wine, fruit punches). Our product range includes a wide range of organic products made from fruits organically farmed under EU organic legislation. Quality is the highest goal, therefore, processing is very gentle.

Bberri Juices NOFF


VirtusNatura Chile is a Chilean company established in 2010 in Linares, Chile. It elaborates and commercializes 100% organic juices under the trademarks Bberri®, Bsucus® and Wuxi®. VirtusNatura develops 100% fruit juices with an innovative high technology process that allows keeping the healthy benefits of the fresh fruit. The company works in partnership with Agroentrerios Farms, which is an organic family farm growing berries for nearly 30 years.

Bear NPS


At BEAR, our goal is to help children increase their fruit and fibre intake in a fun and tasty way – because life is too short to chew cardboard! There’s also no need to worry about nasties as our products contain no added sugar and are never made from concentrates! It makes BEAR growl that almost all fruit snacks for children are made from concentrated fruit juices and gumming agents. Grrr. BEAR only uses 100% whole real fruit and vegetables, gently pressed together and slowly baked at a low temperature. So, BEAR Yoyos are a great way to get cubs munching real fruit rolls which are; Free from added sugar, concentrates and naturally full of fibre and taste BEARilliant!



World Food & Flavours is the premier supplier of ingredients and new functional drinks, with the main focus in health and innovation. We are leading the nutricosmetic category with Beauty&GO, the only antiageing beauty drink supplement with MACRO-antioxidants, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins and Minerals. Proud to be FC Barcelona global licensee for their juices.

Bee Healthy NPS


A natural energy mix, Bee&You combines Award-winning Propolis & Honeys with nuts for nutrient-rich, healthy snack food. No added sugars or colors. Bee&you products range consists of various sprays, extracts, mixtures of raw honey, propolis and royal jelly, which has kid and adult version. Bee&You naturally protects you and your loved ones with it's biologically active bee products.


Having finished our studies in natural sciences, environmental physics and art, we relocated our productivity to Euboea Island, Greece, with its breathtaking nature and rich biodiversity. Therefore using a combination of traditional knowledge and science we set up our laboratory and put our motto ‘enclosing nature’ into practice. To create a product line with 100% natural ingredients that encloses the beneficial and the healing intelligence of nature. Our products are a mix of unprocessed natural ingredients, such as organic apiculture products, plant and herbal extracts, and essential oils. Bee Naturalles’ production depends upon nature’s seasonality and prolificacy. Our mission is to help people create a nature-centered lifestyle and foster a culture of mutual respect and understanding, knowledge and harmony.


Bees For Hope is a social enterprise created in 2017 to improve the working conditions and production of certified fair trade and organic beekeepers in Argentina. We are a small team behind the company working to grow the business in order to support the beekeepers to build a sustainable business. Bees For Hope export part of the production of high quality honey to the European market. We transport the honey by boat to Europe and then it is stored in an organic certified warehouse in France. We currently have two different varieties of raw organic honey, atamisqui and wildflower, and expect to extent the portfolio with two more later in the year.


Unsurpassed aroma. Unforgettable taste. Extremely low acidity (less than 0,3%). High phenol concentration. Clear, deep-green colour. These are some of the attributes of our extra virgin olive oil. This is Beliá Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our private, mountainous olive grove is ecologically cultivated and harvested. Beliá extra virgin olive oil has a medium intensity fruitiness and a perfectly balanced presence of the bitter and pungent elements. Freshly cut grass, wild oregano and thyme, mountain tea and lemony flavors complement the pleasant and lasting imprint it leaves on our senses. Beliá premium olive oil has been repeatedly been awarded for its fine aromas and taste. This means one more thing, we consistently produce a high-quality olive oil.

Beneli NPS


We produce traditional high-quality brand labels, tailor-made technical smart solutions with NFC tags and RFID tags, void solutions up to highest security level within areas such as beverage & food, security with VOID & traceability, e-health and functional self-adhesive components within the industry. We have wide knowledge of adhesives for different surfaces and environments but also production certified ISO 13585 + ISO 9001 and a cleanroom ISO class 8.

Benevo Vegan Pet Foods NPS


Benevo® is a producer of award-winning vegan pet foods. Benevo products solve the ethical dilemma faced by people who care for their pets but don’t want to harm other animals. Available in 30 countries, providing healthy pet food alternatives with no compromise on nutrition, and a complimentary food range. Accredited by the Vegetarian and Vegan Societies, and PeTA UK for being cruelty free. Awarded 100/100 by Ethical Company Organisation.

Berga Bruk AB NOFF


Berga Bruk’s innovative beverages are made from organic apples and berries. We press the apples to a must which we mix with pressed berries, ginger or lemons, and instead of adding sugar we use the apples’ own sweetness. The raw materials we use are always organic and locally grown whenever possible, because this is beneficial both for the body and the environment!

Berief Food GmbH NOFF


As specialist for vegetarian food products, Berief Food GmbH has offered vegetarian and vegan products 24/7 for over 30 years. Herman Berief founded the family company in 1985. Today, the Company is managed by the second generation. Berief Food GmbH is headquartered in Beckum, at the edge of the Münsterland (North-Rhine Westphalia). The entire assortment is developed, produced, filled/ packaged and distributed in Beckum.

Berrykle fermented softdrink NOFF


We produced organic fermented carbonated beverage for the first in Korea. To make healthy and essential dietary products only, we use qualified ingredients and manufactory equipment exclusively. We produce unique drinks made of various organic farm produce. We lead the organic beverage market and run our company in strict compliance with the spirit of organic. We keep striving to uphold our standards for product quality and build up trust.

Bhiocarrion NOFF


We are producers of organic garlic and organic onions. All our products are homegrown in our lands located in Castilla La Mancha (Quixote's land). We have been información organic farming since 2000.


Bio Galaxy is a family business located in Northern Greece . We grow our berries organically only by watering and handling manualy and separately each plant. We invented a range of products such as 100% bio aronia juice, bio mixed juice with aronia, apple & raspberry, bio mixed juice with aronia apple, dressings, jam, liqueur, tea, osmotic dried berries, balsamic aronia vinegar, no sugar products.​​​Aronia (blackchokeberry) belongs to the category of the so called "SUPER FOODS". It's a miraculous fruit with healing properties that have been recognized all over the world. Aronia has very high concentration of polyphenols and more particularly flavonoids such as anthocyanins and tannins, which are the components fighting free radicals in the human body.

Bio Höllinger NOFF


Located in the Viennese woods, close to Austria’s capitol Vienna, IMS Höllinger GmbH has been known for innovative, high quality organic and conventional fruit juices in conveniencefriendly packaging since 1998. Based on our close cooperation with consumers, retail chains and our international distributors, we have managed to continuously improve our products in order to realize the highly successful assortment which you can see today.



BIO NEUF is a Belgian brand who cares for your beauty and your well being and offers a 100% bio cosmetic range using vegetal and essentials oils, fully bio certified by“BIOGARANTIE” and “ECOGARANTIE .Belgium, known for its knowhow and excellence, is the most demanding in terms of requirements because ALL components have to be from biological origin. BIO NEUF offers massage oils, creams, bodymilk, tested by beauticians ,kinesitherapists.

Bio Organic Sweden NOFF


Organic fruits and greens with the highest quality, this products are Biological organic farmed from our beautiful farms in southern spain.

Bio Snail Srl NPS


Bio Snail is a company 100% Made in italy to produce natural organic certificate cosmetics with Snail Secretion Filtrate and certified organic raw materials.

Bio Sud Ouest France NOFF


Bio Sud Ouest France is an association representing more than 200 companies producing or manufacturing organic products, all located in South West France. Should you look for any type of French organic products, do not hesitate to contact us during the fair.

Bioagros NPS


Bioagros has been the leading organic food producing and trading company in Greece since 1990. We supply over 1500 organic food stores, s/m chains and wholesalers in Greece and Europe. Our goal is to offer innovative and “free-from” foods & drinks, which improve consumers’ life quality. We invite you to our stand to taste our Greek organic strained goat yoghurt “Veloudo”. “Veloudo” yogurt, especially, is produced with the traditional way of using a cloth for the drainage procedure, which explains its velvety texture and incomparable taste. Our aim is to be true ambassadors of the richness of the Greek land. Our non-concentrated pomegranate juice, legumes, fruits and herbs are all cultivated by organic farmers that ensures their high quality.


biobrush – our award winning start-up – has been working tirelessly since 2015 on a holistic, sustainable concept for resource saving dental care products. The toothbrushes comply with state-of-the-art dental and hygienic standards. biobrush toothbrushes and their packaging are sourced from residual waste of sustainably managed forests. The nylon bristles are based on castor oil. Almost fully biodegradable, biobrush comes at a fair price and is simply beautiful! The monochrome colouring is what distinguishes biobrush from other toothbrushes, be it in the bathroom or in the stores. This holistic approach fills the gap between design and ecology and has brought us several international design awards in the last two years.



Im- and export of organic fruits & vegetables since 1977!


Our vision is to help the planet and people to feel good. Our idea is to offer a wide range of organic and natural products. Our assortment consists of sustainable high-quality items from various product categories (food, skin care, home cleaning etc.). We make it easy, fun and meaningful to choose organic and natural products and to live in harmony with yourself and the world – now and onwards.



Biofournil is an organic bakery established in 1978 that specializes in making 100% organic traditional leavened breads and French morning pastries. Our range : Deep frozen par-baked breads for off station baking and in-store bakeries/ Par-baked breads for home-baking packaged in a protective atmosphere, the so called “Mes pains à dorer”/ Rolls, Baguettes and Hamburger Buns for Food Service/ French Morning Pastries/ GLUTEN FREE Range.



Our company Biofresco is a family owned business that was founded in 2002 in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. Initially Biofresco distributed high quality organic products, from the most famous European brands, throughout the greek market. In 2013 Biofresco started their own production-activities,in the fields of organic Bakery products, organic dehydrated fruits & vegetables, organic traditional greek products and organic snacks & sweets. Constant development of unique products, like Biofresco’s organic Feta Cheese Powder, placed our company among the best & most reliable partners from Greece.



Organic wholesaler fruits and vegetables from south west in France Cooperative with 80 Organic Producers



We make fermented drinks (Kombucha, Water Kefir), plant-based drinks (Aloe Vera, Turmeric Juice, Ginger Juice) and dairy-free desserts from 4 different bases (Coconut, Almond, Rice and Oats). Biogroupe produces innovations following a virtuous circle: 100% Organic + Fair Trade + carbon footprint + including disabled people in production. We are passionate about food and convinced of the importance of organic produce for the health of both the planet and us.



BIOK laboratorija develops beauty nourishment products by utilizing the best resources of nature and the most innovative ingredients of cosmetics. The constantly renewed and modernized laboratory employs experts in different fields: biologists, chemists and cosmetologists. That is why the products developed and manufactured by BIOK laboratorija meet consumers’ highest expectations and are highly valued by dermatologists and experts in cosmetics.



Bioline offers a broad range of organic vegetarian food and has done so since 1996. We offer a broad range going from staples like tofu, seitan and tempeh to fresh vegetable burgers, beautiful salads, tasty dips, vegan sausages and gyros based on lupin. We have something for everyone! Take the plunge, and meet Bioline's delicious and surprising flavours. Bioline, pure, unadulterated pleasure.

BiologoN GmbH NOFF


The BiologoN GmbH is specialized in production and refinement of organic products at the highest level of quality and with a traceable health benefit. The core products of the own label “BioLifestyle” are mueslis and granola.


Following the vision for a high quality product and local development, local farmers along with the Toplou Monastery monks established BIOSITIA SA in 1999, for the production, bottling and distribution of Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Sitia Lasithiou Kritis of Organic Farming. BIOSITIA’s core value is respect to the human being and its environment. The production process complies with all necessary quality systems directives and is certified according to IFS, BRC, ISO:22000:2005, ISO:22005, Agrocert and Bio Hellas.

BioSpirits B.V. NOFF



200 headstrong farmers. 100 percent organic. That’s what we and our apples are known for, well beyond the borders of the countryside. Because pure enjoyment knows no boundaries. Six stubborn souls - the origins: Late summer, 1990. The pine-panelled sitting room of a farmhouse. Around a big wooden table, six men sit, who have got an idea. That was the dawn of a new philosophy, which is kept alive by us today: organically grown apples. Under our marketing Brand Biosüdtirol the harvests and markets keep on growing. Today we number more than 200, just as firmly resolute as the first day. And every farm is still small. On average each of us farms an area of just 3.4 hectares.

Bio-tiful Dairy NOFF


Bio-tiful dairy is the UK's leading Kefir brand. Their range includes Kefir, a delicious 2000-year-old cultured dairy drink, and Kefir-Quark the worlds first combination of live cultured Kefir and high protein Quark. On a mission to re-define dairy perceptions. Bio-tiful's products are made with the highest quality natural ingredients, packed with billions of gut-friendly bacteria and boast a number of health benefits including boosting digestion, immunity and energy levels.

Black Garlic NOFF


Black garlic is only produced from raw garlic from pure Estonian nature. No flavouring or preservatives are added. Black garlic is obtained by subjecting whole raw garlic to low thermal processing over several weeks. As a result garlic acquires a dark brown or blackish color, soft texture and sticky consistency. Black garlic is a true Nordic superfood, for nibbling and exclusive umami flavor for restaurant kitchen or food industry.

Bode Naturkost GmbH NOFF


Bode Naturkost GmbH



With our three generations experience, we know that the more we care for land, the better our wine and the foods we produce from them. Fostering the natural development of the vineyard, our objective is to make wines and foods that reflect their origins. We have been the first Spanish winery to certify our carbon footprint and Our commitment is to reduce it each year using increasingly more environmentally processes.

BODIN, organic poultry NPS


BODIN is specialized in the organic poultry since 1979. The company controls his complete value chain from the nutrition to the commercialization. Products : all poultry species in organic, from whole pieces to processed products, either fresh or frozen, in order to meet all markets whatever the seasons. So Bodin provides a full range of quality products to its customers in France and in the whole world.


For nearly 40 years Bohlsener Muehle is using 100% organic grains in our own mill, North of Germany, producing grain products, cereals and bakery products. From the grain to the baked product- everything in one hand and whenever possible with regionally sourced ingredients. Offers include: • Brand Bohlsener Muehle Due to our competence in baking and comprehensive know-how as grain specialist, we offer a successful range of baked products, such as delicious cookies, crunchy muesli, granola, crackers and crispbread. • Raw materials Our assortment of grain products is complemented by further food ingredients to offer a full service for bakeries and producers. • Private label We also offer a wide assortment of baked products under private label.

Boody Eco Wear NPS


Boody Eco Wear is committed to making the comfiest, softest underwear, socks and basics for men and women. Produced from organic and sustainable grown bamboo. Boody is silky soft and as good for the environment as it is for our skin. Moisture-wicking fabric is perfect for our Active Wear range and excellent for cooling you down. Soft, breathable and hypoallergenic our baby range is made with little ones in mind.


Bornholms Mosteri is a juice mill located on the sunny danish island of Bornholm. Bornholms Mosteri is proud to be the creator of delicious organic cold pressed fruit juice and nectar while simultaneously creating jobs for socially marginalised people. The extraordinary good taste is achieved because the original taste of the raw materials is purified. To guarantee a product with a real natural taste no additives are used, and the usage of sugar is minimised. One of our owners is the michelin-restaurant Kadeau

Bosarp Chicken NOFF


Bosarp is an organic free range chicken from our 12 farms in Sweden. The chickens eat organic and GMO free feed and are raised with great care of the chicken, the nature and the farmer. In terms of taste and flavour -our chicken is outstanding! Bosarp has been chosen as head ingredient by the Swedish Junior Culinary Team when competing in the Culinary World Cup in Luxemburg 2018.

Bramleys NOFF


Bramleys was started in 2009 and is based in Kålland, Västragötaland in Sweden. We are passionate about local and organic, growing organic apples and pears in orchards across the local area. We produce a range of juices based on our produce, adding nothing but juices and berries. We offer ranges for both retail and the restaurant and hotel sector.

Brand Square NPS


Brand Square is an emerging distributor in Scandinavia. We believe that beauty should be sustainable at all stages and contributing to the wellbeing of people, animals and nature. Therefore, we proudly present two unique brands: 1. Canadian brand Mistik develops hair care products that are 100% natural and made from renewable plant sources. 2. My White Secret, isthe brand focusing on natural dental care as the ”next beauty thing"

Bredabest BV NOFF


Bredabest BV, based in the Netherlands, is one of Europe’s leading nut processing companies. We specialize in processing high quality peanuts and nuts for a wide range of clients. These nuts and peanuts are processed into nut butters in our state-of-the-art factories. In our High Care production area we can fill both PET and glass jars to meet our clients need.

Brouwerij De Leckere B.V. NOFF


BRUNS Products NPS


BRUNS Products is a handmade natural hair care series filled with lovely organic and nourishing ingredients which gives fantastic results for your hair and scalp. Developed by hairdressers with a sustainable mindset -BRUNS Products makes a difference for professionals, users and our environment. Our hair care series consists of a wide range from cleansing, conditioning, treatment and styling products and we also offer a full allergy-safe and unscented series.

Bug Soother UK NPS




Business Sweden’s purpose is to help Swedish companies to grow their global sales and international companies to invest and expand in Sweden.


Since 2002, Butikstrender has been working as the largest B2B magazine in the retail and food industry, with 10 issues per year and 15000 copies which reaches out to shop owners, buyers and category managers. We have created some success stories with our clients (the advertisers) who want to grow in the market and at the store shelves. The editorial is about profitability for the shop owners with various themes. We are proud to be a media partner to Nordic Organic Food Fair.

C Skincare NPS


C Skincare is multi-functional organic products for costumers in all ages, working people, students, eldery, parents and children. A skincare line with just a few products that are very easy to understand, you can read all the area of use in the productname. The customers like the luxury feeling and natural fresh scent of the products. The users certify that they actually work on your skin as they should.

Cafedirect NPS


Cafédirect is the UK’s first and largest Fairtrade coffee and hot drinks brand, with a third of our sales certified as Organic. Combined with the newly acquired London Tea Company, we invest 50% of our profits back into the communities we buy from. We champion the work and passion of smallholder growers, delivering great tasting hot drinks to improve livelihoods, whilst pioneering new better ways of doing business.

Caldic Foodservice & Retail NPS


Do you have the guts to go nuts? We offer different varieties of nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Packed in our facility in Malmö and in the brand of your choice, our brands Naturens Energi and Orkidé or your own. Conventional and Organic, we can do both. Welcome to stand E60 for some snacks, inspiration and a surpr-ISH.

Camelina Of Sweden NOFF


CAMELINA OF SWEDEN by Ranch AB is a Swedish family business, run by couple Therese and Stefan Ranch. This agricultural company, based in the picturesque Swedish countryside outside of the town of Nykoping, is focused completely on organic crop production. They are also the only company in Sweden today to cultivate and cold-press 100 % organic camelina oil on a large scale.



We are an Italian a co-operative of organic farmers and workers and we have contributed to the development of organic farming. We have in our range typical products of Italian tradition and Mediterranean diet: pasta, tomatoes and pasta sauces, beans, extra virgin olive oil, grape, apple and balsamic vinegars, alternatives of milk, fruit juices and others; retail and size. Also Private label.



QUNABU Microcosmetics is an innovative concept of natural cosmetic skincare treatment, based on the idea that the user can create a cream serum simply, anytime, anywhere, using the serum and adding the needed quantity of water. QUNABU by CANAH Microcosmetics won the innovation award at “15th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association 2018“ and is the “Hemp product of the year 2018”.



CANAH is the only fully integrated, organic, Kosher, ISO 22000 and IFS certified hemp food manufacturer in Europe, set up in 2007. For the last 11 years, it has been operating a sophisticated hemp seed processing facility, undertaking all aspects of hemp seed processing under the one roof. Our product range includes: hemp seed oil, shelled hemp seed, hemp seed protein powder, proteic hemp flour and hemp seed fibre.


Captain Kombucha is No.1 European Best Selling Kombucha Brand. The company started in March 2016 in Portugal, the magical place by the ocean with the purest environment to start producing “The Legendary Fermented Drink” with unique nutritional benefits. A delicious naturally fermented drink, using highest quality certified BIO ingredients, handcrafted to perfection. Our crew commitment, led us to overseas, nowadays we are represented in 24 countries. Driven by success, we decided to introduce a new sparkling fermented lemonade in the market that goes by the name of MyGutness. Most drinks on the market are made within an hour, we believe in GUT instinct – Real Drinks for Real People.

Casa del Fermentino Cicioni NPS


Casa del Fermentino - Obtained from the fermentation of nuts and oilseeds, with only water and salt added. Fresh or aged, hard or soft. 100% plant based. Promoting a lifestyle by seeking to create revolutionary for the culinary world: this is the mission of products Euro Company, and the CICIONI concept. EuroCompany - Nuts for Healthy Living.



The Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI), is part of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( Commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, it's CBI’s mission to contribute to a sustainable economic development in developing countries by expanding export from these countries. CBI is active in more than 35 countries and offers export coaching programmes to make SMEs in developing countries export market ready;



The Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI), is part of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( Commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, it's CBI’s mission to contribute to a sustainable economic development in developing countries by expanding export from these countries. CBI is active in more than 35 countries and offers export coaching programmes to make SMEs in developing countries export market ready;

Ceress Foods B.V NOFF


Ceress Foods is an international company with a passion for products such as pastries, crackers, snacks and cake. We deal with the distribution, sales and marketing of various national and international manufacturers and develop various private labels for our trading parntners.

CH Harmony Co., Ltd. NOFF


We have been dedicated to researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing organic products made from natural ingredients since our incorporation in 2006. CH Harmony products have certificates by USDA-NOP, BDIH-COSMOS Standard, The Vegan Society, Halal esma and ISO22716.

Chèvrardennes NOFF


Family business:Producing organic goat cheese and cow cheese: range of goat chesse: Fresh; Spreadable; Melted; Pearls;IQF; crumble; Gouda range of cow: cubes; sliced; melted; Maasdam; wheel etc

Chi Natural Life NPS


Chi Natural life, market leader in Aromatherapy, Natural Cosmetics and 100% Natural Health products since 1979 in The Netherlands!


Chias exist in order to help people live healthy by affecting their bodies and developing their minds and spirit. We help you make healthy life choices and give you an incentive to reach higher. Our dream is to become the most beloved brand in Europe, producing food and beverages with superfoods. We currently offer 5 beverages lines: Chias Essential, Shake, Functional, Protein Smoothie and Infusion. We have also made 2 lines of plant based protein powders with superfoods: Protein Blend and Superfood Elixir. Now we are launching our newest product Chias NUTrition - Protein Peanut Cream with superfoods. We also distribute healthy and delicious Fimaro products. Chias products are available in more than 8000 stores in 6 European countries.



MULATE chocolates and chocolate spreads collection is like a reflection of cacao sourcing voyages into Central America, Asia or Africa – always colorful, intense, nosy and noisy. It‘s quality has been awarded GOLD at Academy of Chocolate Awards 2015 (London, UK), Best Start-Up @Next Organic Berlin 2015 (Berlin, Germany) and BRONZE at NW Chocolate Festival 2014 (Seattle, USA)

Chocolates Saveurs & Nature NOFF


Saveurs&Nature produces 100% organic chocolates in a sustainable development way -biodegradable packages, bags in cellulose. Pure cocoa butter, no lecithin or added vegetable fats for more intense chocolate taste by preserving all the aromas of cocoa beans. All materials are selected for their high-quality and flavours: dark/milk/white chocolate, single-origin bars, gift-boxes, snacking, coated balls. Vegan and gluten-free range.

Clearspring Ltd NOFF


Clearspring is a family-owned business and for over 25 years we have been committed to pioneering authentic Japanese specialities and organic fine foods. We are proud to bring to you our award-winning range that is enjoyed and appreciated around the world. From the humble beginnings of Japanese Miso Soup, to over 260 products today, including Seasonings, Tofu, Teas, Oils and Snacks, our range continues to grow.

Cocofina NOFF


Cocofina, The Coconut Experts, are an award winning UK-based organic food producer specialising in high quality coconut products. Cocofina products are innovative, vegan and organically certified by the UK Soil Association; many have won Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Food. Try our new Organic Vegan Chocolate Spread and our Organic Coconut Water with High Strength Turmeric.

Coconut Merchant NPS


Love: it’s the common thread that connects everything we do at Coconut Merchant. We love our award-winning range, and using our old-world expertise to create premium quality products. We love the dedicated farmers we work with, and supporting the natural environment in which our products are grown. And we love our customers, who help us share our delicious, ethically sourced, natural foods with the world.




Control Union Certifications B.V. NOFF


Coop. Agroecologica de Café de Origen Selva Central NOFF


Organic Coffee Beans



COOPCHEBI Cooperativa Agraria de Servicios Café Hemalu de los Bosques del Inka is a cooperative company composed by a group of organic and Fairtrade specialty and quality coffee producers located in the high jungle of the province Junín, Peru, and one in a bordering region: the city of Villa Rica in the province of Oxapampa, the department of Pasco. Coffee Varieties: Típica, Bourbon, Maragogipe, Pacamara, Cherry, Honey, Catuai, Caturra, Geisha.



Founded in Italy in 1947, Corman has successfully developed and sold feminine hygiene products made from 100% natural cotton in more than 30 countries. Designed to match developing consumer needs for natural and organic products, Organ(y)c offers a complete range of feminine hygiene products (pads and tampons, beauty and cosmetic products) made with 100% certified organic cotton (ICEA, Ecocert and Cosmos certified).Dermatologically tested and ideal for sensitive skin.

Corphes NOFF


¨CORPHES¨ is engaged in the production of agricultural products of high altitude, specifically, organic herbs, spices and blackberry products. An integrated management system is applied with a strictly biodynamic approach without interventions. Our main concern is to completely avoid heavy manipulation, to conduct manual labor exclusively and to improve the quality of the soil in our land by using compost from free-range animals in order to enhance fertility and provide plants with balanced nutrition. With mild and prudent management, we aim to promote the mountainous natural cultivation, as well as the preservation of varieties tend to extinct, producing goods of high nutritional value. Furthermore, a vacuum process is applied while packaging to preserve the aromas and the herbs' quality.

Cottage Lane Kitchen NPS


Multi-award winning, 4th generation recipe, spicy pepper relishes from North Carolina USA. Using all fresh peppers and slow cooked in apple cider vinegar, they have modern, bold flavors with ’happy heat’ to make you smile! Enjoy it with eggs, meats, cheeses, salads - anything! Relish... Every Day!

Creative Nature NPS


Delicious and healthy free-from snack bars, baking mixes and Superfoods! A range of vegan friendly products for everyone to enjoy, including our Goji Goodness Flapjack Bar which was the first ever flapjack to receive 2 Gold Stars at The Great Taste Awards!



Cretaland laboratories develop a range of premium aloe vera products using only the best greek certified organic farming aloe We have the world’s best aloe vera plants thanks to the greek nature Our plants grow under the greek sun by the sea in Crete island and Peloponnese with a lot of love from our farmers Our lab’s research and development departments deliver premium aloe vera products to the global market respecting nature and people

CurlyEllie Limited NPS


CurlyEllie is inspired and named after my oldest daughter Ellie (7), not only did she have a massive mop of tousled curls that made hair time full of tears, she also has allergies and sensitive skin which made looking after her curls a nightmare for us both. Originally developed for children, CurlyEllie has developed cult status among adults seeking gentle, effective haircare for dry, damaged, curly and frizzy hair.

Daiiys ApS NPS


Daiiys is a new Danish brand launched in April 2018. We are on a mission to make every day better and more pure. That is why we make allergy friendly and non-toxic everyday essentials without problematic ingredients for you, your family and your home. Always free from perfume, essential oils, parabens, artificial colours and other unwanted chemicals. Pure goodness, no nonsense. Proudly produced in Denmark.

Dama de Elaia NOFF


Extra Virgin Ecologic Olive Oil Dama de Elaia are of differentiated quality. It is produced from our own organic olive trees and our cold-press process is completely sustainable without waste or contamination and powered by our own source of energy. We can trace the process from the tree to the consumer, bottling on request and maintaining not only the organoleptic but also the physicochemical properties unchanged.

Deanocciola NOFF


Our company has been producing tasty organic spreads since more than 60 years. We can offer high quality hazelnut and chocolate spreads with and without milk, pure nut and pure seed butters and custom blend recipes. We are a leading manufacturer of Private Label products and we can create and replicate customized recipes understanding and meeting the needs of all our customers.


Deli Creta was established in 2002, having as standard the high quality and innovative procedures. Throughout the successful course of Deli Creta, Lampakis Family invests constantly in its competitive advantages; the usage of excellent quality raw materials and the employment of highly qualified personnel. Our company has chosen as way for its continuous development, a well-defined policy on products’ safety and it is targeting to renew and refresh them constantly, according to the market’s trends and needs.

Deli Drengene NPS


Deli Drengene viser hvad vi står for. Det er personligt; det er uhøjtideligt; det er god service; det er ikke mindst nyskabende og alle varer har et unikt islæt over sig. Vi har et skarpt øje for, hvad der bevæger sig i det danske, europæiske og internationale marked for delikatesser. Vi er derfor altid ude på at være de første til at kunne tilbyde nye og innovative delikatesser til det

Delicious & Sons NOFF


Delicious & Sons creates the essence of Mediterranean cuisine with its full line of authentic sauces, oils, spreads, dips, glazes, and condiments. Our products are all natural, EU and USDA organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and without added sugars. Steeped in tradition, we create our products in accordance with the demands of today’s discerning consumers, who seek products that align with both their conscience and their palate.



Organic Superfoods is specialized in production and trading of organic foods. We are now proud to share the upcoming launch of DELIRAW – our organic raw fruit and nut bar with superfoods. The variety of 9 flavours is a skillful combination of fine taste with meticulous attention to detail selecting our ingredients - all natural, raw, vegan, gluten free. Meet DELIRAW Yummy Choco, Yummy Cranberry, Yummy Orange, and more.



South Africa is an international player in fresh produce, canned fruits & fish, frozen products, wine, juices and concentrates, soft drinks, dried fruits and edible nuts. These products are sold at both local and export markets. Exports goes to European markets, USA and Far East include veggies, plant products, processed fruits, sugar, wine, essential oils, table grapes and Rooibos tea. Certification in the sector is driven by international standards

Di Vito Food Srl NOFF


The DI VITO FOOD Ltd is managed by the homonym family who have extensive experience in the oil sector for three generations, from about twenty years pioneers of organic, unique experience and one of the leading experts in the field.


DANA SA is a company involved in the construction of public works. Over the last 10 years, he has entered the food business. In a proprietary stone mill, it produces the raw material itself, which is needed for the production of organic pasta, and the production of its laboratory reaches 1500 kg / day. The machines he uses are new in accordance with European specifications.

Dictamus NPS


Dictamus® company trades in genuine cretan herbs, spices and organic herbal teas. We produce in Crete-Greece a fine collection of Cretan herbal teas (chamomile, dittany, mint, verbena, sage) in modern packaging of teabags.


Since 1970, the family owned company DIMITRA deals with the production of traditional agricultural products. The main products are all the kind of Greek olives: Kalamata Olives, Black, green & low salted olives, olive spreads, pickled peppers, fire roasted red paprika, paste from fire roasted eggplants and sundried tomatoes. DIMITRA PARPARAS S.A. is located in north Greece and has strong experience in PRIVATE LABEL products, and has developed its main brand DIMITRA. DIMITRA's Quality control system ISO 22000:2005 covers every stage of the production and allows complete traceability system from the farm to the end product. In its 48 years, DIMITRA has developed high international action, exporting 98% of of its products to European & American market.

DIT Nordics NPS


The Department for International Trade (DIT) helps UK businesses export and grow into the Nordic markets. Through our network of overseas posts and locally based trade advisers, DIT can provide support for UK companies wishing to expand into overseas markets.


Divine is the only Fairtrade chocolate company in the world that is owned by farmers. Divine chocolate is made with the finest quality Fairtrade cocoa beans from Kuapa Kokoo, a co-operative of smallholder farmers in Ghana.The House of Fair Trade is an import and wholesale company. Working in partnership with producer organizations in the south in a way that is economically and environmentally sound for manufacturers and Consumers.


DO-IT imports and exports 100% organic Food Ingredients for nearly 30 years. Grains - Rice - Pulses - Soya - Seeds - Nuts - Dried fruits - Sweeteners - Oils & Fats - Starches and much more. We source direct worldwide. We supply our customers all over the world. The food industry and artisanal producers, Food service like restaurants and canteens. We pack our products for private label in compostable and renewable packaging.. We share in fair trade projects for the farmers. Our mission is to serve with quality, transparency and traceability in all aspects. NEW: organic pea protein - organic banana flour - organic sweet potato flour - organic lemon juice bag in box.

Dongning Runxiang Mountain NPS


Dongning Runxiang Mountain Products Co., Ltd. is a high quality food company

Donna Taponero NPS


Donna Taponero is a Finnish nartural cosmetics company. We produce care creams and oils from 100% natural ingredients. All of the pruducst are hand made in Finland by only few peolpe. We have a small factory in Marttila where you can also find our factory outlet.

Doumos NOFF


Natures Greek wheat and pasta.


Here at Dr Organic we seek out the treasures of the natural world to discover the purest and most potent extracts, delving deep into centuries old traditions and supercharged botanicals to create breakthrough formulations that make you look and feel incredible. From Manuka of New Zealand to Tea Tree of Australia and healing Aloe Vera, used by ancient cultures and still coveted for their remarkable body-beneficial properties, we explore the health and beauty secrets of the past to create the ground breaking natural products of the future.

Driu Beauty NPS


Driu Beauty cosmetics combines natural ingredients and substances of synthetic origin. Only scientific research-based, human skin beneficial ingredients are used in these skincare products. Ingredients that cause allergic reactions and irritate skin are not used.The ingredients present in the composition are intended to maintain perfect skin condition, protect it against environmental impact and slow down aging processes. The has been created in cooperation withLithuanian University of Health Sciences.



We are one of the best kombucha manufacturers in Europe. No tricks, no flavours, no bullshit!

Dutch Pavilions NOFF


Connecting people at international trade fairs.

Dymo Trading NPS


Dymo Trading exports variety of Natural and Organic products including Spices, Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey Pulses, Grains, Rice, Herbal Tea, Superfood Powders, Herbal Supplements, Edible Oils, Ayurvedic Personal Care and Herbal Drinks. Our main export markets are : Europe,USA, Australia & Singapore. We have ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, GMP, USDA Organic certifications.

Earth.Line NPS


Premium certified natural skin care for every skin type with exceptionally pure ingredients. Earth.Line skin care products combine the very best of nature’s plant and herbal extracts in a base of vitamin E to support naturally beautiful healthy skin. A wide range of products offers certified natural, anti-aging face and body care botanical solutions for everyday use, as well as for intensive treatments for aging, damaged, hyper-pigmented and hyper-sensitive skin.

Earthbound Organics Internat NPS


Organic Skin care products designed and made by hand in Wales, UK. Face, hand, baby and body for both men and women using pure organic oils, herbs and floral water. Beautiful products in beautiful Miron glass packaging. "Organic Skin care that doesn't cost the Earth" Jo Ordonez


eat Performance – Your manufactory for healthy, natural, original and honest products in organic premium quality without gluten, wheat, lactose and added sugar. We produce all of our products for you with love in our own manufactory in Berlin following the principle of the healthy paleo philosophy spreading 100% PURE PALEO POWER.



EC-GO CANDY. Organic, Vegan & Gluten-free. Fresh & natural, Made with only natural flavors from real fruits and berries. No artificial dyes or animals. EC-GO only selects ingredients that are clean and organically grown. They uses plant-based seaweed to achieve the solid, good texture of the candy. Swedish EC-GO is the new and modern candy for the international market.

Eco by Sonya Driver - AUS NPS


Eco By Sonya Driver is a Global Award Winning Aussie made organic company offering vegan, cruelty free, certified organic tanning, body and skin care. Eco By Sonya Driver is founded on principles of authenticity and transparency, which is why our certifications are so important.

Eco warehouse NPS


Eco warehouse is a specialized EU distributor for sustainable products. Our products are all about zero-waste, plastic-free and avoiding waste of food. Our brands are: Bee's Wrap, Vejibag, Stasher, Foodhuggers, Bag-again and SoapLift.



BIO product Packagers & Traders, specialized on private label brands.

EcoPåsar NPS


Ecopåsar is a young Malmö based company that has developed compostable bags for household needs and waste as well as for the needs for the store´s for shopping and fruit bags. The company's philosophy is to manage resources that exist instead of wasting them, and in that way create functional and environmentally friendly everyday products which shall meet all requirements you put on similar products which is produced by conventional raw materials.



ISANATUR launched in 2018 the EcoPROLIVE product line after 6 years of R&D. We lead an innovative food project within the traditional olive sector to bring our customers and partners new natural, tasty, and nutritional olive-based products that improves both nutrition and health and preserves the product’s food matrix. We strive to achieve overall sustainability in the food production and ensure that top quality and safety methods are applied.

EIS-Zauberei NOFF


The EIS-Zauberei from Germany is able to create an individual and fresh ice-cream experience within seconds. The reason for that is our self-developed ice-cream mixing machine. With the help of selected ingredients any desired flavor can be prepared in front of the customers eyes. Fundamental for that process is our basic ice-cream which is produced according to our own recipe, also vegan. It’s free of allergens, colorings and flavorings.

Ekibio NPS


Ekibio is a committed group that initiates, processes and sells organic and eco-friendly plant-based products under its own brands. Ekibio is N°1 French distributor and manufacturer for organic dry products delivered to organic and health stores. Ekibio employs more than 250 people for a turnover of 100M€. It manufactures most of its products in its 10 production units based in France. Ekibio strives to offer consumers clean, healthy and organic food and non-food products. Ekibio is a member of COMPAGNIE BIODIVERSITE GROUP.

Ekoappen NPS


The goal of The Eco App is to make organic and fair companies easy to find. With just a few clicks you will discover organic shops, hairdressers, hotels, cafés and service companies and more – as well as online shops and wholesalers in Sweden. Soon to come in Denmark and Germany. The Eco App is free to download at both the AppStore and Google Play.

Ekomatcentrum NOFF


Ekomatcentrum är en ideell förening som sedan 1996 verkar för att öka intresset för ekologisk och klimatsmart mat. Vi arbetar främst genom att sprida information om miljö, klimat och ekologiska produkter och har under de senaste åren framgångsrikt arbetat för att öka andelen ekologiska livsmedel i den offentliga sektorn.



Ekoweb is the leading organisation for organic statistics in the organic market in Sweden. For the last 19 years, we have provided businesses and organisations with the latest figures, prognoses and trends from and about the Swedish organic market. We can carry out market reports and consultancy work. We also produce the official statistics for the Swedish organic market, publish a printed magazine (78500 ex) and arrange Ekogalan, an awards ceremony for the best in the organic market in Sweden at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, taking place for the fifth time in January 2018. Ekoweb is your key to the Swedish market!



Since 1964, El CASERÍO manufacture high quality candies with an artisanal and unique process, following QUALITY, EXCELLENCE and INNOVATION values. Wide variety of products, flavors, textures and formats: hard, toffees, chocolated, creamy, fruity, sugar-free, with vitamins, VEGAN, Organic,… all GLUTEN, OGM, palm oil FREE! National and international certificates: IFS Food; FACE-Gluten Free; Organic; V-Vegan label; FDA; Halal; ITQI Superior Taste Award; Reyno Gourmet, High Regional Quality products ;etc.

Elbtalaue Naturkostprodukte NOFF


Sustainable, biological, vegan and enormously refreshing: these are our SAFTWERK juices. Each of our SAFTWERK juice contains nothing but the whole energy of nature, vitamins and everything without preservatives. The brand SAFTWERK of the company Elbtalaue stands for transparent and modern products. In addition to delicious organic juices, the young and sustainable company also offers a broad range of drinks, exclusively in organic and Demeter quality – also private label.

Elegia NOFF


In Elegia we follow our history in order to give you pure natural products based on our premium extra virgin olive oil from the mountains of Greece. We know traditionally that our ancestors used olive oil as a factor contributing to their health. Specifically, olive oil was not only a product of high nutritious value, but it was also used for skincare. Elegia, took this empirical observation, tested the olive oil properties scientifically, and re-created premium products out of our premium olive oil. Our products, include olive oil as a food, as a food supplement, and as a beauty product.


The Company "Greek Nuts" is a modern vertically integrated manufacturing unit which is engaged with the production of peanuts and the processing of a great variety of nut.Christos Agrianidis Company is a family business which deals with the production of peanuts and the processing of a wide range of nuts. Our products are available in mini markets, delicatessens and nut shops all over Greece. 2000 Christos Agrianidis business was set up in 2000. He started roasting peanuts frown in Ammoudia in a small oven. 2004 In 2004 he invested in a bigger oven and he started processing other nuts too. 2008 In 2008 he persuaded local farmers to start growing peanuts in the region again.


Emily created her crisps to introduce new ways for people to eat fruit and veg and encourage more people to enjoy one of their five a day in a fun and different way. Our unique process combines high pressure with low temperatures to create the perfect crunch without compromising the natural goodness.

English Tea Shop UK Ltd NOFF


We love tea & want to spread that love, which is why we have made it our life long mission to create the best possible cuppa. Our love isn’t solely for tea; we care about the environment and the people in it. We love keeping things nice and natural for everyone concerned. Therefore as a responsible producer, we are committed to both green and ethical practices.

Enkev Group BV NPS


The ENKEV Group produces NATURAL PACKAGING COCOFORM, arose from the needs of our customers and partners to find sustainable solutions to their packaging challenges. A product which not only has a natural and sustainable character, but is also intrinsically very sustainable. A product that is fully bio degradable, and has proven protection qualities for your products.


Enterprise Greece is a state agency, under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy & Development, responsible for showcasing Greece as an attractive investment destination and promoting abroad the local highly competitive products and services. Enterprise Greece supports foreign investors in developing their business activities in Greece, troubleshoots issues related to public administration, provides key information and promotes investment in sectors where Greece excels. Τhe agency is also responsible for overseeing Greece’s fast track program regarding strategic national investments. In parallel, Enterprise Greece implements a comprehensive action plan to showcase Greece products abroad, including participation at all the major international trade fairs, b2b meetings with buyers and in-store promotions at retail chains in select target markets abroad.



EPSA soft drinks are famous in Greece for their great taste and high quality for over 90 years. The premium glass bottles are very well known for their unique shape. It is remarkable that orangeade and sour cherry drink have 20% juice, blood orange 12% and the lemonades 7% much more than the competition. Some of our innovations are the first Greek organic soft drinks, Epsa Bio Lemonade and Orangeade, and the first Light products with sweetener from the stevia plant that were launched in 2012. EPSA is positioned at the forefront of international innovation and breakthrough, appealing to the health-minded and quality demanding worldly consumer.

Equisalud Laboratory NPS


We are a laboratory of food supplements and organic cosmetics. We manufacture more than 600 different products between: Vitamins, Aminoacids, Probiotics, phitotherapy, essential oils and three lines of organic cosmetics… We also have an organic farm where we grow herbs and plants to produce organic herbal teas.

Estonian Chamber of Agricult NOFF


Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce unites farmers, food industries and companies providing services to the agricultural sector. ECAC offers help in finding business partners in Estonia and exchanges market and price information, organises forums and information days and makes arrangements for participation in trade fairs in Estonia and abroad.

Evergoods Global Co., Ltd NPS


NAVEEN, COSMOS organic & Halal certified, is designed for the whole family members with wide range of products like cleansing, skincare, scalp & haircare, baby & mom and men's products. Our award-winning star products includes organic-certified SHEET MASKS and SCALP CARE products. New type of lifting sheet mask will be launched at the fair! We offer PRIVATE LABEL service. Our factory, in Taiwan, is GMP and ISO22716 accredited.


On western Greece, near the Ionian coast, lies our farm where we create authentic Greek and innovative products. Our state of the art production line is perfectly aligned with nature and certified IFS 6 Our jams are made from whole fruit cut by hand, without sugar or any other sweeteners and of course without preservatives. Οur honey is produced in such a way, to protect the natural ingredients. Evlogia has a line of natural and unrefined sea salts WHO WILL TRUST OUR PRODUCTS • People who choose “all day jam” , not only at breakfast but also on yogurt, salad, meat or cheese platter • People who adore nature in foods, without the sugar addition • People who

Export and Import JUHINEJ NOFF


JUHINEJ is a family owned company producing frozen fruit and pulps of a variety of berries. Our mission is to preserve nature's gifts as much as possible and to turn them into delicious end products. We strive to meet this aim using our integrated network of growing areas, freezing units, storage centers, packaging equipment, appropriate logistics, quality control and a personalized approach to all our customers.


One of the original pioneers in natural products, Faith in Nature has been creating recipes from naturally derived sources for over 40 years, and all from our humble beginnings at the kitchen sink! Made with the best of nature’s ingredients, our cruelty-free vegan ranges are developed to be effective yet gentle on our bodies and the planet, offering high quality products for all the family. • We are always made with 100% natural fragrance • Made with essential oils • Free from Parabens and SLS






FATDANE is a Danish organic microbrewery that is inspired by the modern urban lifestyle, where community, authenticity and quality consciousness are the focal points of living the good life. We handpick our ingredients, create unique and surprising tastes, and only work with farmers who are just as uncompromising as we are, when it comes to quality. When you open one of our sparkling organics, you know that everything is as it should be, from the eco-label, ingredients and production conditions, to the taste and the great atmosphere. Locally produced with less sugar and no artificial additives.

Faunakram Pet Food A/S NPS


Flow Cosmetics NPS


We produce the Flow products in our small factory in Hyvinkää, Finland. That is also where we develop our own recipes and make the products from start to finish. Effective ingredients and real aromatherapy are the soul of our products. We use certified organic ingredients as well as plants that have grown wild in the clean nature of the north. Handmade – genuine artisan cosmetics from us to you.



FOOD’LOIRE is a service from the Pays de la Loire Chamber of Agriculture which supports regional food industry, viticulture and horiculture compagnies and producers in growing their business internationally.



Puljong OÜ produces 100% natural broths and sauces. Our innovative products are Clean Label, lactose- and gluten-free! In our selection are: bone broths made from chicken, beef and fish and vegan vegetable broth! All broths are simmered minimum 12h. We can produce also private label in 230ml single person pack up to 2L horeca-pack. Looking for Distributor in Horeca and retail! Visit FOODSTUDIO BROTHS, SAUCES on Estonia Area!


Frankly means being honest, and that's exactly what our mission is about - to be transparent in our products towards the consumer. We want to be an inspiration to both private persons and companies, in order to think sustainability into their lives, by being an alternative Robin Hood, that takes from the nature and gives back to the nature. Cradle to cradle. Our products is a range of Danish produced, organic cold pressed juices, shots and waters - all made from fresh seasonable fruits and vegetables from Aarstiderne. Only cold pressed and produced daily, without any kind of treatment or additives - and therefore contains maximum of natural nutrients, tastes and colors.



FRUDADA specializes in the production of freshly pressed, high quality fruit and vegetable purees and juices for healthy beverages and vegan ice cream. FRUDADA’s strengths lie in creating delicious and at the same nutritious products that are 100% natural and have a positively addicting taste.


Gaia's Foods is a family-owned company aiming at production and standardization of handmade organic products! Our 50-year experience in traditional diet is combined with scientific knowledge and the result is the production of pure organic products, without coloring and preservatives, without the addition of sugar, GMO-free, gluten-free, soya-free and lactose-free! As we all know, in food processing a significant percentage of valuable substances can be eliminated. Oh! Gaia healthy bites are not baked, thus coming with all their nutrients intact, which makes them real ``health bombs``!



The Garcia de la Cruz family has planted and cared for its olives from time immemorial, and since 1872 it has devoted itself to the care of the juice obtained from them: Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Five generations of olive professionals have improved the quality of the oil. Currently 100% of our olive groves are organic.


GASA NORD GRØNT is the leading supplier of organic fresh fruit and vegetables produced in Denmark. Danish vegetables are known for their high quality and sustainable production methods. Our Nordic climate and rich soil allows us to produce a great variety of fruit and vegetables packed with flavor and nutrients across all seasons. As a proud agricultural country, we always produce with care and have very high standards when it comes to sustainable and organic production. Our company is rooted and owned by more than 60 Danish fruit and vegetables producers. In Malmø we will be representing several of the leading organic vegetable producers in Denmark.

Gastronomi Leverantören AB NOFF


Gastronomi Leverantören AB is a premium distributor/wholesaler to leading retailers in Sweden. We have a wide range of organic brands as: English Tea Shop, Luscombe Drinks, Belvoir Fruit Farm, Chocolate Organico. We have also organic oils, balsamico vinegar, soups, marmalades, honey, pasta and cider in our premium range

Geonuts NOFF


Inmobiliaria San Bernardo is a company dedicated to the cultivation, process and exportation of walnuts from Juglans regia, through their brand Geonuts. Since 2017 all walnuts by Geonuts are produced under ecological certification to Europe, USA, Japan and Korea. The Chilean walnut’s texture, taste and color makes it a fruit of unique features. Geonuts promotes these features thanks to an ecological management, respectful to the environment.



The candle factory was founded in 1995. Today, we are the largest candle manufacturer in Lithuania. We specialize candles in any type container. We offer a wide range with natural flavor, suitable for hotels, SPAs, household, parties, indoor and outdoor, anti-mosquito. Our clients are owners and representatives of premium retailers, wholesalers, SPA and wellness centers. Our main export markets are Baltic countries, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Belarus, Germany and others.

Germinal Bio NOFF


Germinal works respecting man and environment. For 40 years we have dedicated ourselves to the production of organic, healthy and functional products, made with raw materials coming from controlled supply chains. We have always been committed to food and environmental sustainability. This is the organic: a history of authenticity, research of quality, respect for the environment, food security and passion; organic is our way.



We’re GET RAW – junk-free bars that say NO NO to empty calories, bland flavours and fad diets. And YES YES to real ingredients and mouthwatering taste! GET RAW makes nibbling between meals a good thing, with delicious and nutritious snack bars that support your healthy lifestyle!

Ghisanativa NPS


Fonderia Finco, a family-owned foundry established in 1945. We market a wide range of innovative cooking tools, entirely focused on healthy cooking. The Ghisanativa® range of cookware is made from extremely pure cast iron, ensuring food quality is enhanced. Ghisanativa® pots, casseroles and pans as well as burners boast optimum ergonomics, stylish lines and maximum functionality.

Ginger Diamonds Sweden AB NPS


Ginger Diamonds is a completely new and revolutionary alternative to sweets. It is based on pure and fresh ginger root and has a lot of interesting properties without any chemicals or preservatives. It is crunchy, spicy, vegan, gluten free, refreshing, it kills the foul breath and, not only is it healthy and delicious, but easy to carry around in a very attractive packaging.



GINLAC KUAN is a company that has professionally produced exported ginseng, red ginseng extract for 26 years and introduced Korea to the world. Our company was the first in the world to developed fermented red ginseng lactic acid bacteria, contributing to the absorption of red ginseng to the body based on patented lactic acid bacteria and their fermented products, it is a corporation of trust with honesty.

Giovanni NPS


Giovanni is the #1 selling Hair Care brand in the United States Natural Products Industry. Giovanni has been Bridging the Gap between Natural & Salon Quality products since 1979. Founded by Arthur Guidotti, a leading hair stylist and a Beverly Hills salon owner. Giovanni products are available in over 30 countries and offers over 140 Hair, Face, & Body Care products, along with 50 Trial/Travel & Value Size options.


Our Mission: To provide one of the purest, naturally enriched clays available on the market today, while maintaining and developing meaningful long-term relationships built on ethical business practices and integrity.

Global Organics Europe B.V. NOFF


Global Organics Europe BV provides high quality certified organic ingredients sourced from producers who share our quality, social, and environmental standards that benefit local communities and our planet.We want to be your worry-free source of organically grown and sustainable ingredients. Our products are NOP, COR, and EU certified. Our ingredients meet strict quality guidelines and food safety standards. Our suppliers are third-party audited to Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards


Globus Bemanning seeks to improve your business productivity through reducing costs and time expenses for personnel maintenance. In consultation with you, we are able to choose qualified, trustworthy and experienced employees that will fit your needs. We focus on all administrative work such as salary, holiday or sickness pay, employer taxes, social security insurances and etc. Therefore, you can concentrate on your business. There is only one invoice for the service - saving your costs and time expenses, providing flexible manpower. Globus Bemanning is known as professional work services provider in Denmark, Sweden and Norway for more than 10 years. Contact us for the future cooperation by e-mail or visit



Good Goût NOFF


At the beginning, there were parents eager to feed their children with good food. They got an idea that would soon change the world of baby food in jars. Good Goût was created, with 5 commitments on which we never compromise: - All organic and healthy - One vegetable or fruit under the spotlight - A very short list of ingredients, with no strange ingredient - A Michelin star chef's touch - Recyclable packagages. Rated the fastest growing food company in France in 2016 and 2017 by the Financial Times, Good Goût is bringing back taste in the babyfood sector. With an Area Manager based in Stockholm, we would be happy to meet you (stand K66).

Goodio NOFF


Goodio bean-to-bar chocolates are handmade in Helsinki, Finland. Our chocolates are made of premium quality organic and primarily wild ingredients. Minimal processing keeps the ingredients as close to their natural state as possible. Stone grinding and low production temperatures ensure a rich taste that honours the cacao and its origins. Our mission is to accelerate the positive change with the world's best chocolate. - It's All Good!

Grans KvalitetsTe NPS


Wholesalers of tea, tea related products and candy since 40 years. Creators of tea blends. Large number of organic products. Introducing Kombucha by Green Queen made from our teas, Raw Cake Shop - healthy gluten and sugar free cakes and Wombat Candies - gluten and gelatine free liquorice. For further information, visit us online, and Looking forward to showing you our hand-made and quality products.


Gråsten Fjerkræ A/S is a Danish family-owned company established in 1987. We are placed in the heart of South Jutland near the German border. At Gråsten Fjerkræ A/S we attach importance to animal welfare – it is the right ethical way to behave towards the animals. This provides better quality and better taste. Our values are: More welfare – more quality – more taste.


Our family’s longstanding tradition and deeply rooted relation with farming started from the last century and comes until today, since we hold our own property olive & pistachios groves in one of the most significant olive and pistachio producing regions in Greece. In the province of Fthiotida, Central Greece, at the edges of the Sperhios River Valley, we farm a pistachio orchard of 25 acres and an olive grove of 10 acres applying sustainable agricultural practices. Through the years we have accumulated intimate knowledge of all the processes that ensure a natural, healthy and genuinely exquisite product. Our goal is to offer consumers around the world a unique, authentic and unforgettable gastronomic experience!


Greek Family Farm S.A, located in central Greece,in Almyros,is the only Greek vertically integrated company for the production of high quality dairy products under fully controlled conditions of hygiene and quality.Our main products are organic feta P.D.O and conventional feta P.D.O.We are the biggest producers of organic feta in Greece(approximately 50% of the total production in Greece)and we are 100% export company, applying all the requirements as BRC and IFS at higher level.The countries of our activity are: Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Holland, New York and Melbourne.The Company has the capacity to produce all its products, in packages or in bulk, with the brand name of the importer or the retail outlet.

Greenfield Bio Plantation Lt NOFF


We are the pioneers in the Sri Lankan organic industry for tea, spices, herbs, dried fruits, cashews and coconut products with more than 23 years of experience in the trade. We are certified in EU, NOP, JAS as well as Fair trade, Kosher, FSSC 22000 and rain-forest alliance. Our product portfolio is exported globally. for further details visit us on

GreenNest NOFF


Bio-lupine TEMPE, our flagship product, is unique fermented prebiotic superfood with outstanding qualities. It is high-protein, 100% vegan, gluten and lactose free. It contains lot of fibre, minerals and vitamins, especially vit. B12. We offer retail and gastro packagings of natural, marinated, smoked and a'la bacon versions.



Gushen Group is the largest non-GMO soy proteins manufacturer in the world. We process 2000 MT non-GMO soy per day. SWK Food is one subsidiary of Gushen Group, dedicated to innovative organic soy products, such as bean pasta and soy milk powder. We provide nourishing meals which are easy, quick, colourful and simply delicious! Systems such as HACCP, KOSHER, BRC & organic certificates are all in place and fully accredited.

Hampstead Tea NOFF


At Hampstead Tea our pledge is to support the growing of the finest Bio-Dynamic Organic Teas and Botanicals which revolves around the dual notions of great taste and peace of mind . We produce more than 40 teas, infusions and ice teas which we export to more than 20 countries.

Hanegal NOFF


As a pioneer for pure organic food production Hanegal will not use any additives. All ingredients are carefully selected, which creates an exclusive product range covering both global menus within ready meals for the busy everyday life, but also the traditional Danish lunch table like salamis, bacon and pâtés etc. “Consume Less Meat” is Hanegal’s slogan for sustainability, which enables Hanegal to promote a trendy vegan and vegetarian assortment.


Hanf Farm Natural. Sustainable. Good. Since 1996 Hanf Farm GmbH has specialized in cultivation, processing and worldwide marketing of high-quality hemp products. Not least with the aim to reestablish hemp in Germany and Europe as a cultivated plant and to integrate hemp into the agricultural cycles. At the same time we put emphasis on producing innovative, sustainably valuable products as well as taking ecological, social and economic aspects equally into consideration.

Happy Coco NOFF


"Happy Coco" was founded in Amsterdam in October 2014 by Arjuna van de Kooij and Hans -Marcus Röver. Staff now includes ten professionals with diverse nationalities working in nutrition, marketing, distribution, design and finance sectors. Headquarters are in Amsterdam with München as the center for distribution management. Together with our partner in Sri Lanka we produce top ¬quality organic certified coconut products in vegan quality: HPP-Coconut Water, Coconut Yoghurts, Coconut Ice cream, which are distributed in over ten countries in Europe. Our goal is to produce, market and deliver a through¬-and--through sustainable quality product to happy customers.

Health Ingredients Trading BV NOFF


We at Health Ingredients Trading consider nutrition a long-term investment. An investment in your physical well-being, in caring for the planet and in caring for the people who work the land. As a wholesaler, we import and export nuts, seeds, grains, dried fruits, fats, syrups and spices from more than 35 countries.



We are an Andalousian Company producing Bio extra virgin olive oil. We enrich our special extra virgin olive oil with vitamins B12 and D, as a result of a natural process, achieved by our R+D department. Turn your daily pills into a real gastronomic experience. Dress your life with the Exotic & Worldwide flavours of Hedoné: basil, ginger, black and white truffle, coriander, vanilla, star anise...


Our Company’s production workshop in Kaunas manufactures wooden packaging for various types of food: fruit, vegetables, confectionery and bread products.These are wooden baskets made from aspen and sewn with yarns without any metal staples. This packaging is completely natural; no chemicals are used for its processing. Wooden baskets are suitable also for baking products in an oven or storing frozen products,

Heilongjiang Hengyuan Food NPS


Heilongjiang Hengyuan Food is a high quality food company.

Heilongjiang Hexing Agri NPS


Heilongjiang Hexing Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.


HELLAS QUALITY FOODS is a purely Greek company founded in 2014 and operates in new modern facilities. The company specializes in the management and marketing of fresh garlic and in the production of fresh garlic products. The main products produced are Peeled Cloves, Fresh Chopped Garlic and Black Garlic under the brand name Alion in Food Service, Retail and Private Label packages for domestic and foreign customers. All our products contain exclusively fresh garlic without any natural or technical preservatives (oil, brine, preservatives, dyes etc.) The company has the ability and know-how to develop a range of other products such as cloves in brine, flakes etc The annual production capacity is 700 tons of net product



Herbex Iberia S.L is a company with more than 20 years of experience, producing and exporting aromatic fresh herbs mostly, but some others specialty products such as Kaffir lime and Curry leaves. Our production areas are located in several regions of Spain and Morocco, in order to guarantee the production all year round. Our products are conventional and organic, this last one winning more and more demand

Here We Flo NPS


FLO is a 'cheekily-conscious' brand of organic femcare. Our mission is healthier, eco-friendlier menstrual products that are affordable, accessible and adorable! FLO features bright, fun packaging and natural, biodegradable materials like organic cotton and bamboo. Made for women, by women and giving back to women, FLO is also a social-impact business giving profits and products to girls and women in need.



HEVEA is a Danish brand designing, developing, producing and selling the most beautiful, safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly natural rubber products for babies and puppies, kids and dogs. We have the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis, at the core of our business and thus we are actively fighting for a better world and against climate changes. We believe in all fingerprints counts - your too!

HEYHO Granola Activism NOFF


HEYHO! organic granolas are not just a revolution in taste, they also improve the lives of the people making them. HEYHO! is a young social business that brings new life to the boring breakfast market with an exciting granola range, while offering job-opportunities for people society has given up upon. Make yourself ready for handmade organic granolas with a positive story to tell. Everything else is just Müsli.

hlé NOFF


Inspired by the Nordic nature, hlé tea is a Danish company who creates organic, cold-brewed sparkling tea using real tea leaves. We never use any powder or concentrate in our teas, nor any additives or artificial ingredients. All our teas are of course organic and free from bad pesticides. The cold-brewing process brings out the mild taste of the tea without the bitterness while preserving the natural antioxidants including polyphenols, which are very healthy and good for your body. We believe less is enough, so we've only added a little bit of natural, organic fruit juice and a tad bit of organic cane sugar. This has resulted in a mild, refreshing drink with very few calories and packed with antioxidants.

Hodmedod Ltd NPS


Britain's pulse and grain pioneers - we work directly with UK farmers to produce and supply a range of British grown pulses, grains and seeds including Carlin peas, Chia, fava beans, Quinoa, Naked Barley and Linseed. Variously canned, roasted, milled, puffed, flakes and smoked (and mostly organic). We can supply in a range of formats, from retails packs to bulk tonne bags.

Holderhof Produkte AG NOFF


Holderhof Produkte AG, a Swiss company is specializing in the production of freshly infused organic ice teas, syrups, splashes and lemonades. Our top modern PET filling plant gives us the possibility, by a volume of only 5000 bottles, to produce your custom specified organic drink, with your own bottle, label or full body sleeve.

Homie Life In Balance NPS


We want our high-quality products to reflect a conscious choice of wellbeing and to thrive for a life in balance as well as appeal to your interior design. Our concept is composed by expertise within dietary, exercise and design. We are driven by curiosity, innovation and development. We want you to Design Your Home with Health!


Horizon Natuurvoeding BV specialises in the manufacture of organic nut butters, like MONKI, and is an importer and wholesaler of organic nuts, dried fruit and seeds. The range of Monki organic nut butters comprises of 15 varieties. We were established in 1978. Besides serving the Dutch home market Horizon export to many European countries. We import virtually all our organic nuts and seeds ourselves. In many cases the raw materials come from our own projects or from projects in which we participate. For example , the hazelnuts come from the Good Food project in Turkey. Horizon is one of the founders of the Good Food Foundation, an organization whose aims are to initiate, support and manage organic farming projects.

Hot Cod NPS



Winning innovation is a key word in House of Denmark's product development and we constantly strive to bring new interesting products to the market. In the organic segment we have e.g. dried fruits and a raw bar product. All products are of high quality and on time deliveries are a must. We have our own IFS certified packing facility, and in regards of the economy they have AAA rating from D&B.



ICEX Spain Trade and Investment is a public corporation at the national level whose mission involves promoting the internationalisation of Spanish companies to support their competitiveness and add value to the economy as a whole, as well as attracting foreign investment to Spain. ICEX Spain Trade and Investment renders its services through a network of almost 100 Economic and Trade Offices around the world.



Italian products; ORGANIC – GLUTENFREE – VEGAN Pastificio Carassai: Dried pasta specialties from Campofilone, Fettuccine also as finished kit with pasta sauce. Pastificio Stroppa: Fresh pasta and Gnocchi also filled. Natural Foods: Piadine for wraps Cereals, Chia, Quinoa, Oats also as pizza base. I-DK is the sales coordinator in Scandinavia.



IDO Tea was born in 2007 through years of research and development by the IDO Korean Oriental Research Clinic founded by a highly respected herb specialist and an oriental wellness practitioner with more than 17 years of experience. IDO Tea is 100% natural ingredients, many of which have been used for over 2,000 years. The fermented herbs are part of the unique principles of traditional Korean well-being.

IDorganics NOFF


IDorganics from Zaandam is a concept in the world of organic food. We are known as a reliable producer of well-known organic brands.

INDI&Co Organic Drinks NOFF


Spanish company producing beverages using exclusively organic botanicals, following both artisanal maceration and distillation processes in 200 years old ancient copper stills. This is the only way to obtain the best flavors and unique aromas. Maceration, distillation and blending processes are carried out following strict artisanal procedures, certified by organic production regulation. 8 flavors: Water Tonic, Lemon Tonic, Strawberry Tonic, Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer, Cola, Orange and Tea.